To help spread the message of being buddies to one another, we have launched The Buddy Effect which aims to bring donors, educators, and volunteers together to make a positive impact in the lives of children and youth in Toronto.

Our First Buddy Campaign!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated towards our matching buddy campaign! Together, we raised over $11,000 to support anti-bullying programs for children and youth in Toronto schools.

A BIG THANKS to our matching buddies. Without their support and generosity, we would not have been able to run this event.

Matching Donor Campaign: Goal $10,000


Want to get involved?

Donate today to help positively impact the lives of children and youth in Toronto. Your contribution will help bring the anti-bullying programs to more kids and schools.
Is your company interested in providing greater financial assistance to our programs? We would love to discuss potential opportunities for how we can buddy up together. Please contact us so we can meet with you and discuss this further.
Do you love working with children and youth? Become a program facilitator today so you can directly make a positive impact on the children and youth in our programs. Apply here.
Are you a teacher or principal who believes in empowering our students to be buddies who can affect positive change? Book Thinking Forward’s program for your class or school today.