What principals are saying

“The program values culture and community and expands one’s sense of responsibility and understanding of social situations. It is truly a sight to see the children at the auditorium waiting for the doors to open and then to see them so actively engaged in the program” – Karen Sitarek, Retired principal, Toronto District School Board, 2011

“During these visits, they used many creative learning strategies to assist our students with ideas that supported our anti-bullying initiative and also allowed our kids to reflect on their numerous strengths…I wish that every student in Ontario, and especially Toronto, would have the opportunity to work with such a dynamic duo to support their classroom programming.” Colin Pinkney, Principal, Toronto District School Board, 2012

What teachers are saying

“My students felt pride that they contributed and were able to give back to our volunteers. In fact, when our time with Thinking forward came to an end, the students asked if we could continue working with the organization, both to engage in fun activities and to pay something back to the community.” Aviva Komlos, Teacher, Toronto District School Board, 2014

“It was heartwarming to see my students start to sketch out a future for themselves based on their self-identified strengths and skills. I was amazed at what seemed a fairly simple exercise was actually quite powerful.” Elizabeth Bristoll, Teacher, Toronto District School Board, 2014

What children and youth are saying

“Working together is about being nice to everybody and treating everybody as you want to be treated.” Alex, Student, Toronto District School Board, 2012

“Anti-bullying is really bad because people get hurt by being pushed or called names.” Thalia, Student, Toronto District School Board, 2012

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